Cruise Planners CTWV aboard the Allure of the Seas

Cruise Planners aboard AllureJust a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the Royal Caribbean – Allure of the Seas Ship! – WOW – this ship has 22 different places that either offer dining or a lounge to enjoy a drink! Lots of great shows as we enjoyed ‘Chicago’, OceanAria which is a spectacular water diving show, Blue Planet which is singers who are trapeze artists and then the Ice Skating Show which was awesome. There is no charge for any of these shows. We booked these shows once we were aboard the ship at a couple of desks set up by the ‘Rising Bar’ Yes, you get on this white oval bar and it goes up and down 3 different decks between Deck 5 and Deck 8.

It goes slow and we enjoyed the view as we went up. Oh, it was a fun ship! So much to do. Please do not stay in your stateroom.A10 Put on your walking shoes and ENJOY all of the different attractions this ship has to offer. On Deck 15 at the rear of the ship, there is a ZipLine, a miniature golf course and then FlowRiders. My co-worker did the Zip Line but none of us tried the FlowRiders. You have to have real balance to go surfing on these. You will want to watch your ‘daily compass’ which supplies news on what entertainment is in which bars on the different evenings. Oh, Early Dining Room is on Deck 3 in rear of the ship. We tried the Specialty Dining, ‘Chops Grille’ on Deck 8, which was the Central Park Deck and had the most delicious filet mignon. You had to pay $35.00 per person extra to eat at the ‘Chops Grille’ but we thought it was worth it to get to try it. Yes, I know a little expensive but we enjoyed it. Part of our entertainment!??

Betty J Knudsen
Cruise Planners
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