Traveling Safely Abroad

1-When carrying cash, bring smaller bills. A throw-away wallet is a good idea and gives you time to leave the area. Do not flash large amounts of money when paying a bill.

2- I carry a combination of cash and credit card. Some areas don’t accept cards, so it’s always good to have a little of both.

3-Let your financial institutions and banks know that you are traveling so that your cards won’t freeze.

4-Make sure you research the currency exchange rate before you go.

5-Be aware of dress codes prior to your travels to respect local customs.

6- Always get travelers insurance for peace of mind. Accidents, cancellations, delays, trip interruptions happen! It is well worth the cost.

7-Avoid travel-related illness by purchasing bottled water, and have the vaccinations you need for your certain region of travel.

8-The US Government issues daily travel alerts and it’s always good to check to be aware of any alerts for your destination.

9-Make copies of your items; passport, medical ID, credit cards and your travel itinerary. Leave a copy at home and keep one set with you, separate from the originals.

10-Don’t be an easy mark for thieves. Be aware of your surroundings and protect your wallet by wearing it in your front pocket. Keep a small amount of cash with you and never flash it about.

11-Be aware where you wear your jewelry.

12-Never leave your drink unattended, EVER, or accept an opened beverage from anyone.

FINALLY and most important! – Always trust your instincts, they are your best defense. If you feel uncomfortable in any situation, flee! Don’t be concerned about hurting a strangers feelings. Exit the elevator if you chose, cross to the other side of the street. Whatever it takes to be safe, don’t hesitate, act!

5 thoughts on “Traveling Safely Abroad

  1. Just a couple things to add – carry your cards in an RIFD blocking sleeve or wallet (which you can buy for not much money online) so nobody can scan your info and when in areas where pickpockets are likely to be around try not to let anyone get close enough to touch you. If they can touch you they can pick your pocket.

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