Cruising to Cuba

So, you decided to take the plunge and cruise to Cuba! It’s been a long time coming, but now, as many of you know, the doors are open for US citizens to cruise to Cuba directly from a US port. First, we believe a visit to the website of the United States Embassy in Havana, Cuba and reading their recommendations is a good start before you plan a trip.

Currently, Fathom ship Adonia, which is Carnival Corporation’s small ship line, launches a regular schedule of bi-weekly cruises from Miami to Cuba. The inaugural trip occurred May 1, 2016. The Adonia is a 704 passenger ship and is scheduled to leave Port Miami every other Sunday for a week long stay in the cities of Havana, Cienfugos and Santiago de Cuba.

Americans may travel to Cuba as a member of a tour group. Officially, the US government is permitting travel to Cuba under the realm of educational, professional research, religious, family visits, humanitarian reasons and journalism.

  • Cruise Fares: It’s not cheap! An interior cabin starts at $2,700 per person. The exterior balcony rooms are $4,000. Suites are a whopping $8,000. Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the ship are included, as well as lunch during your on land tour, which is usually at a local restaurant.

Travel between cities is aboard ship, not on buses. The trip spends nearly two-thirds of time at sea, which for some travelers is wasted, down time. Others enjoy the shipboard offerings of restaurants, lounges, bars, pools, spa and a gym. Cuban food, music and entertainment are highlights on-board. Learn how to make classic Caribbean cocktails, including the Mojito and the Hemingway Daiquiri. While at sea you may also immerse yourself in offerings of Cuban history, seminars, as well as social norms and custom workshops that may give you a richer experience when you are out and about.


Music and dance are an integral part of Cuban culture as well. Dance classes are offered on-board and local musicians travel on the ship from each city. Fathom has experienced guides that can assist you with your interests while visiting the country.

  • US TRAVEL REGULATIONS: The January 16, 2015 amendment to the Cuban Assets Control Regulations makes it possible for U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba with authorized carriers offering people-to-people programming that facilitates educational, cultural, humanitarian, religious and artistic exchanges between U.S. and Cuban persons. Carnival Corporation received its license in early July 2015. Fathom is taking reservations from US and non-US citizens who are legally eligible to travel within the United States and depart from Miami. All passengers who join Fathom cultural exchange voyages to Cuba will be required to comply with US authorized OFAC regulations.

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