Types of Land Vacations


GUIDED / ESCORTED TOURS — When you take a guided or escorted tour, you literally leave the driving to others. These tours go far beyond the professional driver who takes care of your ground transportation. They include flight, accommodations, sightseeing, and most meals, and are led by dedicated tour directors and local experts who pride themselves on making sure you experience the best their destination has to offer.

Escorted or guided tours plan every detail for you…and because they include admissions to the museums, historical sights and attractions you’ll visit, you’ll never have to worry about standing in line waiting to get in.

Whether you want to trek through the Alps in Italy, walk the ashen ruins of Pompeii or take in the most influential works at the Louvre, we will find the best tour for you. Cruise Planners has longstanding relationships with the most reliable and well-respected escorted and guided tour partners in the business, so we’ll make sure you’re in good hands.

No worries though. With what seems like a jammed packed schedule, your guided/escorted tour vacation always has plenty of built in leisure time for you to relax and take all the goodness in or explore even further on your own.

Talk to a Cruise Planners Travel Agent about your vacation wants and needs, and we’ll do the research to find the perfect guided or escorted tour vacation for you.


FAMILY FRIENDLY TOURS — Family vacations make for delightful memories, exciting adventures, and a bonding experience unlike any other. Cruise Planners Travel Experts will find and book family-friendly tours that meet every particular needs.

Family-friendly tours provide an itinerary that gives equal importance to everyone on the trip. These vacations are carefully tailored to appeal to kids and adults alike. Some offer unique perks like a pen pal program for your children to meet kids of similar ages in the destination they’re visiting, or activities that the entire family can enjoy together.

Cruise Planners understand the importance of providing fun for the whole family. If yours is an active clan, talk to us about safaris, adventure sports, iceberg explorations, and other extreme tours. More leisurely options include walking tours, theme parks, and vacations that combine local immersion with educational programs, to name just a few options.

Talk to a Cruise Planners Travel Agent to book your next family getaway. We’ll make it our mission to ensure it’s a vacation you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.


RELIGIOUS TOURS — Faith-based travel combines a personal vacation with a spiritual pilgrimage. Cruise Planners offers top-class religious tours that include airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation, expert guides, and most meals, so you can travel in comfort and style with other members of your faith.

Religious tours can take you to the Holy Land, with expert local guides providing tours of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Sea of Galilee, and other important religious sites. These journeys can also include stops at historic sites in Turkey or Jordan.

Talk to a Cruise Planners Travel Agent about the different faith-based tours we offer to reserve your next spiritual getaway.


HISTORY & CULTURE TOURS — For travelers who crave an authentic immersion into a new land, the history and culture tours Cruise Planners offers go way beyond a packaged vacation. These journeys give a unique appreciation of the people, flavors, and stories of the most sophisticated and colorful destinations in the world.

The key to a cultural or historical tour lies in the itinerary crafted for you and the insight of the guide. Cruise Planners works with the best tour partners in the business to bring you a diverse range of tours. Whether you want to learn about the cultural heritage of the Great Smoky Mountains on a journey designed by celebrated filmmakers, tour coffee plantations and learn about the great Gabriel Garcia Marquez in Colombia, or tour Killarney on an Irish jaunt car, we’ll find the destination and guided tour that best satisfies your inner history buff, at the best possible price.

We take care of all the details—airfare, accommodations, most meals, entrance to museums and attractions, and excellent local guides. You can focus on soaking in as much of your destination as possible. And while these tours are carefully structured, they also provide plenty of alone time so you can get off the beaten path and explore on your own.

Talk to a Cruise Planners Travel Agent about the places and peoples you want to learn about on your next vacation.


SMALL GROUP TOURS — Small group tours offer all the convenience and service of a guided tour in a more intimate setting.

They are more intimate experiences, typically limited to 15 to 20 guests. This gives you a better opportunity to spend more time at the attractions, receive more attentive service, and arrive to your tour in comfort.

Tours designed for smaller groups offer a more personalized immersion into the local culture. It’s far easier to interact with the residents, artisans, craftsmen, and experts you’ll meet on your journey when you’re part of a small group.

Consult with a Cruise Planners Travel Agent about the small group tours available in the destinations you want to visit. We’ll help you find the one that’s right for you.


ADVENTURE TOURS — What makes an epic vacation? For some travelers, it’s all about unleashing their inner daredevil. Any vacation can be an adventure, but if you really want to get your adrenaline racing, Cruise Planners has a range of outstanding adventure tours to explore.

These tours combine destinations around the world with exciting activities in breathtaking settings. Soar above the Himalayas in Nepal or brave the whitewater rapids in Cairns, hike through a rainforest in the Serengeti or snowshoe across the Canadian Rockies…and those are just a few of the intrepid excursions.

Cruise Planners work with seasoned tour companies who understand what adventure travel is all about, you’ll be in safe hands on your next walk on the wild side. Your tour package includes: airfare, accommodations, and any special equipment you might need, leaving you free to focus on your destination and the experiences that will make this trip an adventure of a lifetime.

We’ll ensure you get the best adventure at the best price.


LUXURY TOURS — Luxury tours take you around the corner or around the world… but it’s how they do it that makes them special. These vacation packages are designed around your needs and desires, and will go the extra mile to ensure you enjoy the best vacation possible.

With expert guides, unique adventures, and top-class accommodations, these luxury tours spare no expense. Walk among Magellan penguins in Patagonia, witness a spiritual ceremony as you cruise the River Ganges by boat, soar over the Dubai desert in a hot air balloon, or explore myriad other alluring adventures that are on the top of your bucket list.

Tell us your ideal adventure and we’ll take care of all the details for your next luxury tour vacation. Contact a Cruise Planners Travel Advisor today.

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