Luggage Forwarding

Doorstep to Destination Luggage Delivery

  1. Venture Far, Carry Nothing — Luggage Forward picks up your baggage at your home and delivers it directly to your hotel or cruise ship and then back home again, freeing you to enjoy the journey without any heavy, bulky bags to carry along the way.
  2. Save Precious Time — Eliminate queuing in long check-in lines at the airport only to land and wait with everyone else for your bags to (hopefully) arrive. And for international travel, breeze through Customs with no risk of a bag inspection.
  3. Any Bag, Anywhere — Whether shipping luggage, skis, golf clubs or bicycles, Luggage Forward’s service is available to and from more than 200 countries worldwide.
  4. Guaranteed — Each luggage shipment comes with a full money back plus $500 per bag on-time guarantee, so you can travel with peace of mind knowing your bags will arrive safe and sound.

Contact your Cruise Planners CTWV Travel Advisor at 800.853.0646  to schedule Luggage Forward services on your next trip.

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