Top Ten Ways to Propose

  1. At a place that has significance to the two of you: maybe it’s the place you first met, or where you had your first kiss, or a destination that you both have always dreamt about visiting together.
  2. Send your fiancé-to-be on the scavenger hunt of a lifetime – with the clues eventually leading to you on bended knee.
  3. Declare your love during curtain call. There’s plenty of shows and entertainment aboard cruise ships. Plan ahead and propose after the cast’s final bow – they may even sing a special song for you!
  4. Take your love to new heights! Plan a romantic getaway and propose while you’re high in the sky. With the crew’s permission, you can use the loudspeaker to announce your love.
  5. Have your hotel or cruise ship set up your room with everything perfect for a proposal – rose petals, champagne, candles – and bring your beloved back there after a full day or sightseeing.
  6. For foodie fiancés, ask the chef to write “Will You Marry Me” in chocolate sauce on your dessert plate.
  7. Scenery is everything – a beautiful flower garden, atop a mountain, or on the beach at sunset are all supremely romantic ideas.
  8. At a restaurant ask the server to bring the specials menu. The waiter will return with a printout that you’ve previously given to them, with your proposal written on it.
  9. As if a horseback ride on the beach wasn’t romantic enough, add in a proposal and it’s the definition of romance.
  10. Give your fiancé the ride of a lifetime and propose on a gondola.


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